Relational Psychotherapy

Experience and Education

I use modalities such as somatic (aka bodymind integration) therapies, family systems, psychodynamic psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and altering states of consciousness, drawing on the work  of several pioneers who have been my teachers, including Ron Kurtz, Elizabeth Kubler Ross, Karl Whittaker and Brian Weiss.

I have helped hospice patients, parents of children in elementary, middle and high schools, substance abusers, adoptive and birth families, same sex couples and people coping with cancer.  I have also helped women of all ages
deal with issues unique to us, and helped the men in their lives understand our challenges. 

Institute for Clinical Social Work (PhD)
  Dissertation research: Relationships between Adoptive and  Birth Parents
Family Institute of Chicago at Northwestern University 
   (2 year certification)
George Williams College (MSW)
  Research interest: connections of mind and body in psychotherapy
University of Wisconsin (BA)
 Forest Hospital (2 year certification with internship)  

My style is as effective for couples, families and parents as it is for individuals. I assess strengths, resources, beliefs and the events that affect happiness and self esteem. Therapy is focused on your goals and your success.  

My work and training began in 1974. Since then I have been helping individuals, couples and families develop, improve and deal with a variety of issues.  I believe that although it would be nice if life were always easy, simple and fun, the reality is that we all suffer losses and disappointments.  How we express ourselves and respond in these times can determine the ability to be resilient and whether or not we will ultimately emerge stronger, wiser and happier.

I have successfully assisted clients in resolving issues related to marital conflicts, pre-marital challenges, loss, stress of infertility, adoption, illness, adolescence, raising children on autism spectrum and the life transitions of divorce and grief. I have valuable skills and helpful life experiences that give me the confidence to help my clients to change, grow and recover.
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